A Very Special Species of Turtle

The North American Suburban Plush Turtle (Terrapene Yankeeburbia Fuzzidee) is a specially evolved subspecies within a group of hinge-shelled turtles, normally called box turtles. T.y. Fuzzidee is native to the North American continent, particularly the United States.

Greenie Turtle (Known as Greenie T. or Baby Greenie to his friends and family) is a plush turtle that was hatched in a Boston, Massachusetts area Toys R Us in the latter half of 1978.

If there’s one thing I like, it’s money! No, I’m not into collecting coins or playing the stock market, but I love cold, hard cash! As a chartreuse-shelled turtle, I consider myself an expert in “greenbacks”! They say that the trick to money is that you have to work for it. Although I like money, I do not like to work. Instead of working harder, I try to work smarter by covering all the bases. So I am a Renessiance turtle and I have had a lot of careers.

I am not a morning turtle. It's really hard to start the day when you are a 10 inch tall turtle in a big world. First thing in the morning I like to brush my teeth. Dental hygiene and fighting cavities is important, even for turtles. My toothbrush is green, naturally. After I brush my teeth, I like to comb my hair. A turtle always has to look his best, but then I remembered that I don't have any hair! I guess I already look like a million bucks without my comb!