Hey everybody. Zippy wanted to share his most favorite recipe with you - Sweet and Sour Frankfurters. You should cook it up at home and tell us what you think! Click to see the original recipe!

You know what's great? BEANS! I love to eat beans. They're the best. I discovered beans many years ago, courtesy of my mentor, Baby Stinky. Baby Stinky, also known as "The Great One", is a little pinkish dog that is Big Mama's favorite toy. He is my role model, my Sensai and my best friend. He is the Yoda to my Luke Skywalker.

One time when I was very young and my mama was also very young, I got lost at the grocery store! I love the grocery store. There are so many good things to see and smell and taste. On this particular occasion, I was at the grocery store with my mama and Big Mama. We were all shopping and I was looking at all the delicious donuts.

I love donuts! They are my favorite sweet treats and I was having a hard time choosing which kind to take home from the grocery store that day. There were powdered ones, glazed ones, chocolate covered ones and some with pink frosting and sprinkles. It was a donut wonderland!

As a turtle, I am a really big fan of a certain foursome of adolescent turtles that practice martial arts. These characters really like pizza, which is how I discovered pizza and pizza delivery. I like pizza a lot. I like it so much that I am on a first-name basis with my pizza delivery man. His name is Pizza Man. He totally gets me! One of my favorite things is to call Pizza Man to order a large pepperoni for delivery to my house. I have my Mama's credit card to pay with. I like to give Pizza Man a big tip when he brings my pizzas.