Greenie Turtle (Known as Greenie T. or Baby Greenie to his friends and family) is a plush turtle that was hatched in a Boston, Massachusetts area Toys R Us in the latter half of 1978.

Greenie then began his life as the favorite toy of a little girl. Over the years, Greenie became a member of a mixed family of both human and plush characters. As his little girl grew up, Greenie had little adventures, went on vacations, enjoyed television, read books, played games, met friends, participated in every holiday and family birthday, endured sewing repairs, and eventually went to college, helped establish a new household and opined on career developments. All this and more contributed to his unique outlook and personality. Now Greenie lives in a suburban area of Houston, Texas, where he fancies himself the "king" of his little girl's (now a grown up) house.

As for the little girl, she mostly lets Greenie think what he wants but knows how to keep him out of real trouble.

Greenie Facts:

Name: Greenie Turtle (a.k.a Greenie T. or Baby Greenie)

Nationality: American

Rank: King

Race/Ethnicity: North American Suburban Plush Turtle/Green

Birthday: October 20th, 1978 – but still a "Baby" in Turtle Years

Job: see "Rank", also dabbles in Law, Business, Amateur Surgery, Mad Science,
Banking, and con artistry

Education: Some College

Siblings: 2 brothers and 1 sister

Favorite Foods: Pizza, Coffee, Beans, Quiche

Favorite Music: Punk Rock, especially the band "Greenday".

Thing I Like Most About Me: Everything, what's not to like?

Goals for the Future: To capture Santa Claus, make lots of money, and be famous for nothing.