There's lots of mischief going on all the time at the Greenie's. But things have been especially interesting with all the friends stuck at home and just looking for trouble.

Everything I need to know about life, I learned from a little pink plush dog named Baby Stinky. Actually I think his full name is Baby Stinky Floppy the Dog, at least that’s what he said was the name given to him upon baptism. I’m not sure if he was actually baptized so much as he kind of fell into the toilet when he was drinking out of it and splashed around a bit.

Let me tell you about my friend, Zippy. He is a rambunctious black and white, striped zebra. He became our friend the day he came home from the store with my Mama’s brother, Thomas. At first, we weren’t sure what to make of Zippy because he is loud, boisterous, and enthusiastic about almost everything. He kind of yells a lot, not because he is angry or scared, just because he is a naturally loud guy…and he has a lot to say.

Here we go again! There’s a big storm outside with lots of scary thunder and lightning and I’m hiding under the covers of my big bed! I don’t like thunder because it’s so big and scary. It feels like I’ve been hiding for a long time while I wait for the storm to go away. It finally does and I hear my brothers jumping around on the bed and calling my name.