I am not a morning turtle. It's really hard to start the day when you are a 10 inch tall turtle in a big world. First thing in the morning I like to brush my teeth. Dental hygiene and fighting cavities is important, even for turtles. My toothbrush is green, naturally. After I brush my teeth, I like to comb my hair. A turtle always has to look his best, but then I remembered that I don't have any hair! I guess I already look like a million bucks without my comb!

The morning is a good time to practice healthy habits, so I started the day with a little exercise. It's important to stretch your muscles and get your heart rate up a little bit to stay fit. I did my favorite yoga moves like downward turtle and side planks to keep my shell supple. It was exhausting!

Working out sure builds up my appetite! Time for a healthy breakfast. I think I will have some cereal with milk in the bowl. Yum! My favorite part of the morning is having coffee. Being a turtle, I can be a little slow to begin with. It's even harder for a turtle in the morning when I'm still a little groggy (or a lot groggy), so I like to have some coffee. Coffee is a good way for a turtle to get a little boost for the rest of his day!

Even though mornings are hard for me, I know it's all worthwhile. Once I'm ready to go and I see all my friends, I know it's going to be a great day!\

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