It’s true when they say more money leads to more problems. I have this ATM machine. It’s an electronic toy ATM that is just my size. It’s just like the ones at my Mama’s bank. I can take money out to spend it and put money in to save it.

Christmas is a very important time of year. A successful Christmas is all about stealth, skills, planning and perfect timing. The holidays are more than the parties, shopping, food and peach on earth. All that is great, but for me, it’s all about catching Santa! That’s right, I said “catch Santa!”

I’m not a sea turtle, but I sure do like to go to the beach! My friends and I have been to the beach a few times as my Mama grew up. It’s always a lot of fun to dig in the sand, bask in the sunshine and see the great big ocean. Whenever my brother, Fivie, sees it, he stares in awe and says, “The ocean is SO BIG!” He often remarks on how big the world is. It’s kind of his thing.

I love Thanksgiving! Truth be told, I like any holiday that involves food! There are so many good things to taste at Thanksgiving. My other favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that my whole family gets together to cook, eat, talk and play. I think that’s pretty great. I also like Thanksgiving because there are parades.