One time when I was very young and my mama was also very young, I got lost at the grocery store! I love the grocery store. There are so many good things to see and smell and taste. On this particular occasion, I was at the grocery store with my mama and Big Mama. We were all shopping and I was looking at all the delicious donuts.

I love donuts! They are my favorite sweet treats and I was having a hard time choosing which kind to take home from the grocery store that day. There were powdered ones, glazed ones, chocolate covered ones and some with pink frosting and sprinkles. It was a donut wonderland!

My mama and big mama were concentrating on shopping while I was looking at the donuts.

"Come on, Greenie. It’s time to shop in the cereal aisle." Said my mama.
"I'll be right there. I'm just picking out my donuts." I called out.

I still wasn’t sure which donuts to pick. There were small ones, small enough for me... and bigger ones… I couldn't decide if I should get my favorite, the mini sugar powdered donuts, or if I should try something new, like the cinnamon covered ones. After much deliberation, I decided to get my favorites again.

"Mama, I picked the mini powdered sugar donuts. They're my favorite. Mama! Mama? Maaamaaaaa!??" I called and called, but my mama wasn't there. I didn’t know where she went. She told me she was going to the cereal aisle...or was it the chip and pretzel aisle? I couldn't remember. I was all alone with my donuts and a little frightened. What if my mama left the store without me? What would I do then? I looked all around, but the grocery store is so big when you are a little turtle, and even your donuts are miniatures.

"Mama!" I called out again. "Mama, I'm lost!"

I was lost and I didn't know what to do. I sat down, hugging my box of donuts and started to cry. Was I ever going to see my mama again? How would I get home?

All was hopeless, and then I thought I heard something...
"Greeeeeenie.... Greeeenie...?"
I DID hear something! It was my mama calling me! I was saved!

"Mama! I'm here with my donuts!"

Then my mama and Big Mama came around the corner pushing a cart full to the top with groceries

“There you are, Greenie. We were looking everywhere for you. I was so scared that you took the donuts and left without me." Said mama.

“We were so worried. We turned around and you were gone. Someone could have stolen you!” said big mama.

I hugged my mama and Big mama as I told them how frightened I had been.

“Greenie, I asked you to come with us when we went to the cereal aisle. You weren't paying attention and that’s how you got lost.” Mama said. I knew she was scolding me a little even though she was glad I was safe.

“I was here with the donuts the whole time.” I countered.

“You should pay attention and stay close to me and Big Mama when we are at the grocery store, or anywhere else that isn't our home. If you pay attention and stay close to me, you won’t get lost.” Said Mama. She was right. It’s scary to be lost. I don’t want that to happen again.

My mama picked me up and hugged me...and my bag of donuts. When we all looked down, we realized that the package of donuts was squished from me holding on to it when I was upset and from all the hugs. We had to pay for them because it's rude to ruin food and leave it there. But we picked up a package of fresh donuts to enjoy along with our squished ones.

I’ll always remember that I have to stay close to your mama when we are out. It's the only way to be sure I can get good donuts.