As a turtle, I am a really big fan of a certain foursome of adolescent turtles that practice martial arts. These characters really like pizza, which is how I discovered pizza and pizza delivery. I like pizza a lot. I like it so much that I am on a first-name basis with my pizza delivery man. His name is Pizza Man. He totally gets me!

One of my favorite things is to call Pizza Man to order a large pepperoni for delivery to my house. I have my Mama's credit card to pay with. I like to give Pizza Man a big tip when he brings my pizzas.

My brother, New Greenie, found out that my favorite pizza place has an app on my Mama's computer. Wow, that was a big discovery! Now I don't even have to call the number. I can drive the computer mouse, make a few clicks and BOOM! Pizza!

I must have gotten carried away, because one day my Mama looked at her credit card bill and her hair stood on end. She said, "Greenie! What are all these charges for pizza doing here? Why did you spend so much money for all that pizza? Now I have to pay for all of this. Pizza isn't cheap, you know! Also, too much pizza is unhealthy for you! That's it, no more pizza. I'll make it so you can't use my credit card to order pizza – or anything else!"

"Noooooooo! This is terrible. I can't live without pizza and what will Pizza Man do without me? How will I grow up to be a hero turtle?" I threw myself on the floor and kicked in protest. This is the worst day ever.

My Mama just watched me and shook her head. She said, "Greenie, pizza is OK on special days. It's not OK for a turtle to eat every day. Your warrior turtle heroes probably don't eat pizza every day. Maybe only on special days when they triumph over the bad guys. I don't think you've triumphed over any evildoers lately."

Humph. Shows how much she knows...

The next day I was inconsolable. I moped around inside my shell and acted grouchy. Life would never be the same again. Then my brother Fivie knocked on my shell and shouted that he had a solution to my pizza dilemma. He said we didn't have to order pizza from Pizza Man. We could make, cook and eat our own pizza at home. I told him that was easy for him to say because he's the chef in the family. "Don't worry, I will help you make pizza." said Fivie.

"Will it be as good as the pizza that Pizza Man brings?" I asked.

"Even better!" he replied. "It will taste great and we will have fun making it together in the kitchen. Also, we can use healthy ingredients, like fresh vegetables. So the pizza will be healthy and good for us. Mama will be proud."

"But we're just little turtles? How are we going to make a pizza? We can't use knives and the oven. It would be a disaster!" I whined.

"With you involved, anything could turn into a disaster! So, you're right. We need a grown up to help us. That's why I called Big Mama, and of course she will help. She says it will be fun for us to use our reading, counting and measuring skills to cook. Cooking is fun, you'll see." Fivie said.

I hope he's right. I came out of my shell after that to see give cooking pizza at home a try and see if Fivie can make pizza as good as Pizza Man...