Halloween is my favorite! There are costumes, candy and all kinds of fun with my friends! As soon as the calendar says “October”, I start planning for Trick-Or-Treating.

I’ve told the story about my pumpkin business in the past. Autumn is prime pumpkin season! My brothers and I start looking at recipes and planning for pumpkin flavored treats, like pumpkin pie and even pumpkin flavored ice cream. Thanks to the coffee shops around town, pumpkin flavor is all the rage and business is booming for us Greenies!

It’s also time to think about my Halloween costume. I’ve had some really good ones over the years. I’ve dressed up as a ninja, a Jack o’ lantern, a super hero, a hot dog (long story) and many other things. It’s fun to use my imagination to think of what character I want to be next.

Finally, Halloween is here an it’s time to Trick-Or-Treat! As a 12-inch tall turtle, it would be a really big job to go Trick-Or-Treating around the whole, entire neighborhood. Also, there are some things about Halloween that can be much scarier than ghosts, monsters and witches! What you really have to beware of are the real-life scary things, like being outside when it’s dark out. If you’re not careful, you can get lost (go read my story about getting lost in the grocery store), and cars can’t see you and you could get hit if you aren’t careful. Sometimes there are other people that take the “trick” part of trick-or-treating a little to far and someone can get frightened or hurt. My friends and I have to be alert, be smart and stay safe to make sure trick-or-treating is fun for all of us. With my Mama’s help, I do my Trick-Or-Treating close to home and at houses of people that I know well.

To stay safe, my friends and I travel in a group with my Mama. It’s important to always stay with the group and Mama so you don’t get lost in the dark. It would be terrible to get lost while trick-or-treating because you will miss out on the fun and candy on top of being lost! Also, we carry flashlights when we trick-or treat. That way we won’t trip and fall (and lose all of our hard-earned candy) in the dark. Maybe the flashlights will make it easier for cars to see us, too. Even though trick-or-treating is so much fun, you still have to watch out for cars.

All that trick-or-treating is hard work and a lot of fun! Once we get home from trick-or-treating, we will play a few Halloween games and maybe watch a scary movie or a super hero movie (especially if we dressed up as heroes). While we are having fun, a grown-up will check our candy to make sure everything is OK. Even though all the candy looks so delicious, we have to make sure it is properly wrapped and that there isn’t anything we’re allergic to. After that, we get to pick a few pieces of candy to eat as a Halloween treat! Oh, and whatever you do, DO NOT try to eat all your Halloween candy at once. Zippy learned about this the hard way. He ate so much candy that he got sick to his stomach. It tasted good, but a few minutes later, it was too much. He made a big mess…and that was the scariest part of that Halloween!

All the ghosts, goblins, monsters and vampires on Halloween can be a little bit frightening, but I know they aren’t real. They’re just people dressed up in costumes. The real Halloween terrors are the dangerous things that can happen if you don’t watch out for your safety!

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